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я угрожаю выродиться в крупного специалиста по эмили дикинсон. по-моему, вот это гениальная штука:

Going to Him! Happy letter!

Tell Him --

Tell Him the page I didn’t write --

Tell Him -- I only said the Syntax --

And left the Verb and the pronoun out --

Tell Him just how the fingers hurried --

Then -- how they waded -- slow -- slow --

And then you wished you had eyes in your pages --

So you could see what moved them so --

Tell Him -- it wasn’t a Practised Writer --

You guessed -- from the way the sentence toiled --

You could hear the Bodice tug, behind you --

As if it held but the might of a child --

You almost pitied it -- you -- it worked so --

Tell Him -- no -- you may quibble there --

For it would split His Heart, to know it --

And then you and I, were silenter.

Tell Him -- Night finished -- before we finished --

And the Old Clock kept neighing "Day"!

And you -- got sleepy -- and begged to be ended --

What could it hinder so -- to say?

Tell Him -- just how she sealed you -- Cautious!

But -- if He ask where you are hid

Until tomorrow -- Happy letter!

Gesture Coquette -- and shake your Head!
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